Sister Wendy

Sister Wendy

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Sister Wendy in Conversation with Bill Moyers part 1.
Meet Sister Wendy Beckett, Britain's self-taught art nun turned international celebrity, in this rare television interview with America's best-known television commentator, Bill Moyers. In this deeply personal conversation inspired by the PBS broadcast of her five-part series on the history of Western Art, Sister Wendy's Story of Painting, Sister Wendy shares her views on looking at art, living in seclusion, and falling into the role of a television star. Sister Wendy Beckett- who never watched TV before she was on it- believes that each work of art has a fascinating story to tell about what it means to be human. Her eloquence and charm are matched only by her fearlessness; no subject in art is off-limits to Sister Wendy. A native of South Africa, she lives in seclusion on the grounds of a monastery at Quindenham in Norfolk. She made her first television appearance in a BBC documentary about the National Gallery in 1991. An instant audience hit, Sister Wendy has made three television series and written 15 books. Witty and enlightening, Sister Wendy in Conversation withBill Moyers is an inspiring sojourn through the world of art and ideas- from Sister Wendy's passionate involvement in art and spirituality to her thoughts on sex, sensuality, television and contemplation. The 96-page companion book to Sister Wendy in Conversation with Bill Moyers contains the complete transcript of the entire three-hour conversation between Sister Wendy and Bill Moyers- including dialogue that couldn't be included in the television program due to length.

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