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Enquire vs Inquire: to ask

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en·quire    (ěn-kwīr')  
v.  Variant of inquire.
in·quire    (ĭn-kwīr')  
v.   in·quired also en·quiredin·quir·ing
also en·quir·ing,in·quires also en·quires

v.   intr.

  1. To seek information by
    asking a question: inquired about prices.

  2. To make an inquiry or investigation: 
    inquire into the extent of the corruption.

v.   tr.

  1. To ask about.

  2. To ask: "I am free to inquire 
    what a work of art means to me" 
    (Bernard Berenson).

Phrasal Verb(s):
inquire after To ask about
the health or condition of.

According to 'AskOxford ', the traditional distinction between enquire and inquire is:- be used for general senses of 'ask', while inquire is reserved for uses meaning 'make a formal investigation'. In practice, however, enquire (and enquiry) is more common in British English while inquire (and inquiry) is more common in US English, but otherwise there is little discernible distinction in the way the words are used.

Inquiry-based Learning

Inquiry-based learning is an instructional method developed during the discovery learning movement of the 1960s. It was developed in response to a perceived failure of more traditional forms of instruction, where students were required simply to memorize fact laden instructional materials (Bruner, 1961). Inquiry learning is a form of active learning, where progress is assessed by how well students develop experimental and analytical skills rather than how much knowledge they possess.- Wikipedia

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