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No woman no cry - Bob Marley

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The life of Bob Marley

This video is the first part of nine, that traces Bob's life from his humble origins in rural Jamaica to international stardom, to his premature death. It contains numerous interviews with Bob and with those who knew and loved him (e.g. Bob's mother, Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt, Peter Tosh, Chris Blackwell, Neville Garrick, Joe Hicks, Rastas from the Bull Bay commune, etc).It also contains rare archive footage from concerts, interviews and from Bob's funeral.
All in all, this beautifuly done documentary captures the spirit, beauty, and depth of this mythical herbsman whithout neglecting to include a tremendous soundtrack including classics like:

No Woman No Cry
Bad Card
Trenchtown Rock
Stir It Up
Rastaman Chant
Slave Driver
Concrete Jungle
Lively Up Yourself
Redemption Song
Could You Be Loved

This is by far the best Bob Marley documentary out there, a must see for people wanting to learn more about reggae's greatest superstar.

No Woman No Cry

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