English stipulated as a condition in Hungary's job ads - 68%

3:15 AMZannnie

Source: Realdeal.hu


November 25, 2009, 11:58 CET

Survey of recruitment ads finds big demand for second languages

Command of a second language, most frequently English, is stipulated as a condition in 68 percent of online job advertisements posted in Hungary, the latest survey of Workania.hu showed.
The survey based on thousands of ads demonstrated that 64 percent of advertisers look for English-speaking employees, 13 percent for German, 3.8 percent for French and 2.6 percent for Russian speakers.
The composition of job-seeking applicants differed from that: 48 percent of them said they have a command of English, 29 percent German, 3.1 percent Romanian, 2.8 percent French, 2.3 percent Italian and 2.2 percent Russian.
Seventy-two percent of ads for top managers and 62 percent for middle-level managerial posts set the command of a foreign language as a condition.

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