Grammatical Conjunctions

Grammatical Conjunctions

4:27 AMZannnie

Grammatical conjunctions are usually a challenge to Hungarians who are learning English. Here are some examples of Grammatical Conjunctions with the sample sentences. If you are interested to learn more about it, you can email to

  • For: indicates reason or purpose (similar usage to 'because')
The teacher did not let Tomi enter the classroom for he was late.

  • And: used to connect words, phrases, or clauses
She likes cooking and photography.

  • Nor: presents an alternate negative idea
Theresa was neither at the playground nor in the garden.

  • But: indicates a contrast or exception
Diana likes English but not grammar.

  • Or: presents opinions, alternates, or substitutes for ideas of equal importance
Andrew likes to play the computer games or watch animated cartoons.
  • Yet: connects ideas that follow logically and are contrary
Carrie has not passed her driving test, yet she is driving her father's car.

  • So: shows the consequences of related ideas
His mother left him an inheritance, so he decided to buy a property at Lake Balaton.

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