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Take up, do or play a sport.
Join a fitness club/ health centre/ gym.
Do more exercise to keep fit, to be in a good shape, to be in a good condition.

It gives you energy, recharges your batteries and revitalizes you.

Spend time and plenty of time in places with fresh air.

Watch your weight.
Go on a slimming diet, lose a few kilos.

Phrasal Verbs: cut down, cut out

Watch your diet: eat regularly, have a balanced diet, cut down on sweets, cut down on carbohydrates and red meat.

Eat more protein food and food rich in vitamins.

Choose light, fresh and organic food.

Avoid junk food and cut out heavy food.

Give up smoking.
Stop smoking or drinking heavily.
Stop worrying.

Avoid working overtime.
Avoid working irregular hours.
Avoid working at night.

Look after your body well. Make time for yourself, slow down and relax.

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