Hungarian loanwords

Hungarian loanwords in the English

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This is a partial list of Hungarian loanwords in the English:

Is a Hungarian surname meaning 'judge'.
From László Bíró, the Hungarian inventor of the ballpoint pen.

From kocsi, a horse‐drawn wagon with springs above the axles. Named after the village of Kocs in which this type of vehicle was invented. The verb 'to coach' is also derived from this root.

From csárdás, a Hungarian folk dance. Csárda also means 'tavern'.

From gulyás, a type of stew known in Hungarian as gulyás in Hungary, 'gulyásleves' is a soup dish; leves meaning soup. Gulyás also means 'herdsman' dealing with cows, as the noun gulya is the Hungarian word for cow herd.

Or Fisherman's Soup, a very hot and spicy river fish soup with a lot of paprika. (The actual Hungarian halászlé is not always made with hot paprika, unlike the internationally-known soup.)

From huszár, a light cavalry soldier.

From ici-pici, meaning tiny

A big Hungarian breed of livestock guardian and dog, looking like big mop, always white.

A big Hungarian breed of shepherd dog, always white.

From paprika, a spice made out of ground hot or mild red peppers.

A small Hungarian breed of shepherd dog, also loking like a mop, usually black or white.

tokaji or tokay
From tokaji aszú, the name of the wine from Tokaj, the centre of the local wine-growing district Tokaj-

sabre (UK) or saber (US)
From the Hungarian word szablya, backsword. The word made its way into English through French (sabre, sable) and German (Säbel). The Hungarian verb szabni means to slice or to tailor.

shako or tsako
From csákó süveg, 'peaked cap', a stiff military hat with a high crown and plume.

a Hungarian men's folk dance and musical style (itself coming from German Werbung - meaning "military recruitment" here).

vizsla or vizla
From vizsla, a Hungarian breed of hunting dog.

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