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3:25 PMZannnie

English for Hungarians is an initiative established to cater for Hungary’s ever-growing demand to speak English. We specialise in tutoring Hungarians to speak essential but confident English which you can put to use as soon as you arrive to an English speaking region.

We aim to consistently meet your objectives through our ability to customize and fine-tune with flexibility the lesson plans for you. Furthermore, our wide range of learning programs gives you the best opportunity to learn English and progress in the shortest time possible.

We provide english conversation practice sessions either at your home or office or even a cafe (that's conducive), just any place that you feel comfortable to speak. We can work around your time constraints by building a program that meets with your timelines.

We provide English tuition for not just beginners but also for those that may already have a basic or advanced understanding of the language. Whichever is your English level, we respond quickly to all our clients’ requests to provide a tutoring service which is both effective and fun.

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